Dr. Ruchika Gupta

Principal Dentist

Dr. Ruchika Gupta grew up wanting to look after people’s health and wellbeing. Her passion for dentistry constantly drives her to attain a healthy, confident smile for all her patients. She has worked in various community health centers in Victoria before starting up her own practice in year 2011. 

Dr. Tiffany Ke

Associate Dentist

Dr. Tiffany Ke graduated from Melbourne Dental School, receiving a special award in endodontics during her years of study.

As a dentist who understands dental phobia, she always strives to make each appointment as pleasant as possible.

Dr. Phil Au

Associate Dentist

Dr Phil, born in Asia but grew up in Europe and Australia, is fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and French.

In addition to his Doctor of Dental Medicine from University of Western Australia, Dr. Phil also holds a degree in Biomedical Science (Honours) and a Ph.D.; all of which were conferred at the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Mandeep Khanuja

Associate Dentist

Dr. Mandeep Khanuja, practices dentistry both as a profession and passion. She focuses an on an all-inclusive dental approach giving equal consideration to the aesthetics and functionality of the treatment. She loves working with kids and older people and looking after their dental needs.

Dr. Arina

Associate Dentist

Dr. Arina Rawat aims to make dentistry for her patients seamless and pain free. She strives to take a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care, while always placing the comfort, feelings and needs of her patients first. Her gentle and warm nature makes her excellent at dealing with nervous patients.

Dr. Guneet Kaur

Associate Dentist

Dr. Guneet Kaur is an experienced dentist with more than 15 years of experience. She has worked in several clinics in both the public and private sector in Victoria. She joined Springs Dental Group in 2019.

Mr. Daniel Fagliaronre

Dental Prosthetist

Daniel Fagliarone is a Dental Prosthetist and has been a part of the Australian dental industry for over 15 years. Daniel completed his studies in 2012 as a Dental prosthetist which he undertook while working as a dental technician. His diverse experience and education have provided him a thorough understanding about the technical and clinical aspects of denture prosthetics.