Children’s Dentistry

children-dentistryPreventive care plays a major role in the overall oral, physical and psychological health of your child. Children have specific needs as they grow from infancy through their primary years and into teenage years.

Springs Dental Group encourages regular check-ups so our dentists are in a position to detect and eliminate any potential dental problems with your kids’ oral health. 

During the different stages of life, you kids’ approach to dental care changes based on their unique needs. Springs Dental Group focusing on the individual needs customise the dental care so as to avoid current and future dental problems.

Springs Dental Group believes that good dental health and hygiene habits start from when our patients are babies and it is with that notion that our dentists not look after children’s dental needs but also encourage parents to lead and supervise their children’s tooth brushing approximately for the first 12 years, until motor and mental functions allow the child to routinely perform a proper tooth brushing technique alone.

Much like an adult, the onset of decay can lead to a multitude of problems, some relating to oral health, and some relating to overall well-being. Therefore, proper preventive oral care is very instrumental for your kids and their developing teeth, such as: 

  • Proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • Regular cleanings and exams
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Early cavity detection
  • Education on healthy daily habits

When to visit Dentist

childrens-dentistryChildren’s first dental visit can start as early as 12- 18 months of age. It is good to take them along with you to the dentist when you have your own check-ups, so they get used to the environment. At the first appointment we ensure that child is familiar to a dental surgery set up. We give them a ride in dental chair and carry out an examination with mirror.

On their second visit minor treatments like fissure sealants and cleaning with a soft rubber polishing cup are carried out. Demonstration on right brushing techniques is also given in this visit. In saying that, every child is different and has different acceptance to dental treatment. Our dentists are cognizant of this fact and plan the treatment of each child accordingly.